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We pride ourselves on providing quality work with unparalleled support. Every customer we've had the pleasure to work with receives an unparalleled level of care and enthusiasm - guaranteeing you long reliable relationships. Heard it before? We know, so have we, that's why we encourage all clients to carefully review our client list and contact our references. We practice what we preach, and it shows. We have a long list of happy customers and we can't wait to share them with you.

Consulting Services FAQ

1. Our company have no IT department but everything still needs to be functional from an IT perspective. What would you suggest?

- We would suggest that you meet with an IT solutions provider like Genlogic IT Solutions. We will evaluate the type of support you need and will customize the services to meet your specific needs.

2. We know that we need an IT plan but not sure where and how to start. Any recommendation?

- The best way to start will be by evaluating the current IT assets and short term needs and long term goals. Whether your IT department is ready to sustain and grow with the changing needs. We acknowledge that developing an IT plan can be often daunting to make it ready for ever changing unpredictable future especially if you are not well versed with all latest technology. We can offer a thorough IT assessment and help prepare a customized solution that aligns with your short and long term needs and goals. We will provide an honest and accurate assessment even if that ends up to be no recommended change.

3. A big challenge for us is to convince management team about IT improvements as we are not technical experts. What can you offer to help?

- We believe in simplicity and at Genlogic IT Solutions we know that there is nothing so technical that cannot be explained in plain English. It is almost impossible for clients to make informed decisions if they don't fully understand their needs and options available to them. That's why we take time to fully and properly evaluate your existing systems and understand your business goals and challenges faced before making any recommendations. we break the choices down into easily understandable terms that explains how each recommendation will help you reach your business goals or remove challenges faced.

4. We have limited budget. Can you help?

- At Genlogic IT Solutions, we know that not all companies will have budget for solving all their IT problems at once. We work closely with clients to understand, evaluate and prioritize their needs based on short and long term needs and goals before providing recommendations. We will work very hard to provide you the best possible solution to meet your specific needs within your budget. We will recommend a solution that can be expanded at a later time with the growing need of your company even when not all long term needs can be met due to budget restrictions.