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Genlogic has an expert team who specialises in delivering solutions for small and medium enterprises.   Whether it’s a brand new business or it is an existing one, we can fulfil your IT need. Small and medium enterprises often do not have a dedicated IT department or helpdesk to support the business. However, all the task that a large organisation need to be done by its IT department are also required by small and medium size organisation. Genlogic can partner with you and fulfil all your IT needs from setting up IT infrastructure to provide ongoing support.


Our Method:

·         Our expert solution engineer will gather the details of your IT needs and outline the best solution to fulfil these needs.

·         Help select the right vendor for Internet and other communication needs.

·         Implement solutions for office networking including wifi if required.

·         Implement solutions for email, file server and printing.

·         Implement solutions for remote access and VPN.

·         Setup Anti malware and software update/patching solution.

·         Installation of necessary desktop applications like office.

·         Implement a firewall solution.

·         Implement a backup solution for data protection.


Benefits to business:

·         Cost effective packaged solution to setup the IT environment.

·         Identify essential IT needs for optimal business operation.

·         Best value of investment on technology. 

·         Improved business productivity.


Please speak to one of our solution engineers  to find out how we can help your organisation to build an IT environment efficiently and cost effectively. Contact us to arrange an obligation free consultation.