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Malware, commonly known as virus, is the most known term to computer users. Everyone knows and understands the importance of having a good antivirus software with updated definitions. What we don’t know is viruses account for only about 17% of total malware. Trojan horse, another type of malware actually accounts for about 70% of total malware and can even cause DoS attacks and often goes undetected by usual antivirus programs. Sometimes you may need to use a combination of programs to protect against malware. Genlogic can help you select the best malware protection for your organisation.

Our Method:

·         Evaluate your existing malware protection policy and technical controls.

·         Evaluate the exposure level of your desktops and servers and identify possible source of malware.

·         Recommend appropriate procedural and technical controls to protect against malware.

·         Offer implementation service to implement the recommended technical controls.


Benefits to business:

·         Appropriate level of protection of against malware.

·         Secure critical IT resources from malware related downtime.

·         Remediate risks against spam, spyware and identity theft. 

·         Improved cyber security posture.


Please speak to one of our specialists about how we can help your organisation to protect against malware. Contact us to arrange an obligation free consultation.