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IT Strategy and Governance

The effective use of information technology is now an accepted organisational imperative - for all businesses, across all sectors - and the primary motivation; improved communications and commercial effectiveness. Businesses need to align their IT strategy with their corporate policy to realise the entire value of IT.Having a properly designed IT strategy will ensure that a business will drive maximum value from IT and will have right processes in place to risk, resource and performance management.


Our Method:

·         Understand your business context, current business processes and corporate policy.

·         Create an IT model that best fits and serves the purpose of your business.

·         Create IT policies and align with your corporate policy.

·         Modify existing processes and setup new processes to support the new IT model.


Benefits to business:

·         Achieve maximum value from IT investment.

·         Improved transparency of IT costs, IT process, IT portfolio (projects and services).

·         Sustainable growth of the business.


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