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Recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment has not only cost the company about $35 million dollars in investigation and remediation, it has damaged the reputation of the company by embarrassing the top executives and those who do business with them. Does your organization have a cyber security policy?  If yes, is it enforced properly? Cyber security threats are real and your IT infrastructure potentially has vulnerabilities that cyber attackers can exploit. Genlogic offers a Cyber Security Health Check to uncover those vulnerabilities and can make recommendations to remediate them.

Our Method:

·         We evaluate your IT footprint and existing business processes around cyber security.

·         Evaluate the effectiveness of the procedural and administrative controls in place.

·         Evaluate the existing technical controls e.g. Firewalls, Identity Management.

·         Provide a report showing all the gaps and also recommendations to remediate those gaps.


Benefits to business:

·         Provides better understanding on an organisations Cyber Security posture.

·         Provides the corporate management a starting point to plan a Cyber Security program.

·         Improved knowledge of cyber threats that can pose risk to the organisation.

·         Perform a better informed risk management knowing the cyber risks.


Please speak to one of our specialists about how we can help your organisation to protect against cyber attacks. Contact us to arrange an obligation free consultation.