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Firewall is a network security system that protects your network and data from unwanted access by controlling incoming and outgoing traffic based on applied rule set. It was a common thinking that only large networks require firewalls. But with the increased number of cyber attacks every day, even personal computers are becoming attractive targets to those naughty hackers. As firewall technology has become more mature and available than before, even smaller organisations are taking advantage of firewalls to protect their critical network and IT resources. But it is very important to understand what a firewall can do for you and how to  take full advantage of this technology. Genlogic can help you by making sure that you have a correctly configured firewall.


Our Method:

·         Our expert team will study and understand your network infrastructure.

·         We will then gather your entire businesses requirement for network communication to outside world.

·         Translate those requirements in to firewall rules and evaluate the current firewall rules.

·         Make recommendation to remediate the gaps in the existing firewall configuration.

·         Offer implementation service to install a new firewall as per the business requirements.


Benefits to business:

·         Organisation can take full advantage from a properly configured firewall.

·         Documented firewall rule sets with a business reason for each rule.

·         Less administrative effort from IT administrator to manage firewalls. 


Please speak to one of our cyber security consultants to find out how we can help your organisation to have properly configured firewalls. Contact us to arrange an obligation free consultation.