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Genlogic has a dedicated, innovative experienced team to assist your business to develop contemporary business standard e-commerce sites/website, mobile-friendly design solutions within a reasonable budget. We assure the technology will best suit your requirements.

Our Method:

·         Website design - customized website design    

·         e-Commerce catalogue solutions and custom eCommerce developments using responsive website designs.

·         Shopping cart software enabling the sale of any product online.

·         The website is developed and designed with knowledge of search engine optimization enabling placement of the website in search results.

·         Social media websites created, Google and Bing sitemaps installed, Google Analytics and Google site verification enabled

·         Email marketing newsletter software, Webmail and email access.

·         Daily backups, free software updates


Benefits to business:

·         We assist businesses with E-mail Marketing setup.  With email marketing (executed properly) you have an extremely low cost method of continually driving traffic back to your store with special offers, competitions etc.

·         We assist your business to build a promising social media strategy, having an ecommerce stores should increase the effectiveness of what you can achieve with social media. It is easier for you to incentivise or ask them for a mention on Twitter or Facebook. It’s also slightly easier for them to do it if you use the right technology so consequently your new customer is more likely to oblige.

·         Our Ecommerce solution can provide a detail report about your customers’ behaviour, likes, desires etc. With our e-commerce solution you will have great data about your customers’ behaviour on your e-commerce store. This data will allow you to adapt your store over time to make it more effective.

·         Our e-commerce solution offers very low running costs to keep your e-commerce store open for business comparatively.


Please speak to one of our specialists about how we can help your organisation to adapt the latest e-commerce solution. Contact us to arrange an obligation free consultation.