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Businesses can lose several hours of productivity just by losing emails for a day. Imagine what will happen if the critical IT infrastructure goes down for an organisation and they don’t have an appropriate Disaster Recovery Plan in place. The organisation can go down for weeks, even months, can lose critical data permanently resulting in loss of million and un-measurable loss of goodwill.  Don’t leave you business in to this risk and talk to Genlogic to create proper Disaster recovery plan for your organisation and protect your network and data.

Our Method:

·         Create a risk profile for your IT infrastructure.

·         Determine the business requirement by establishing recovery time objective and recovery point objective of IT resources.

·         Create a backup and recovery plan to address those requirements.

·         Deploy appropriate technologies to achieve the DRP goals.


Benefits to business:

·         Resilience against infrastructure failure.

·         Protect mission critical systems and data.

·         Have an established business process in the case of an infrastructure failure.


Please speak to one of our specialists about how we can help your organisation to become resilient against infrastructure and system failure. Contact us to arrange an obligation free consultation.