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Cloud services enables you to consume compute resources as a utility -- just like electricity -- rather than having to build and maintain computing infrastructures in-house. Which means you can now concentrate on your core business activity rather than worrying about your IT infrastructure.


Our Method:

·         We perform a need analysis to fully understand your core business activity and it's IT need.

·         We evaluate your existing IT infrastructure and ongoing costs.

·         Prepare a cloud solution to replace your physical infrastructure.

·         Ensure that the cloud solution is compliant to industry standard to keep your data secure.

·         Select the right cloud vendor and technology to fit your needs.

·         Create a migration plan to migrate your infrastructure to cloud.

·        Implement the new cloud environment and migrate physical servers as appropriate.


Benefits to business:

·         No upfront cost that saves a significant amount of your capital investment

·         Can expand or reduce Cloud capacity immediately - only pay monthly for what is needed.

·         Reduce hours of manpower to manage your IT systems; not only you can save time and money, but also allocate your manpower more effectively.

·         Improve your business performance by ensuring highest availability and reduce application conflicts.

·         Onsite IT systems don't provide the level of availability and reliability as Cloud services. When unavailable costs the organisation money.


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